Best Practices

Trial Accounts

Trial accounts are created for either 30, 60 or 90 days. The allowed WACM user can change the trial period.

When the trial expires, the trial account is automatically converted into a paid account.

  • It is recommended that the WACM user deletes a trial account before it has expired, if the data stored during the trial phase is going to be used once the account is a paid account.

  • There is no way to avoid this automatic conversion, except by extending the trial up to 90 days or by deleting the sub-account.

Paid Accounts

It is important to always keep in mind the status of the sub-account. This could lead to unexpected costs. If you intend to delete the sub-account, do not leave it as Suspended (See Suspending a Sub-Account). Make sure all of the data is deleted from within the account on the Wasabi Console and then proceed to delete it in WACM.


It is recommended that the Password Reset Required option is selected in order to force the account holder to reset their password upon initial login. (Refer to Resetting a User Password.)

Email Alerts

Emails that contain alerts or warnings will be sent to the Admin account that receives emails (the first Admin account created).

If it is desired for sub-accounts to manage their own password reset, it is recommended that you input a legitimate email when prompted in the sub-account setup and select the option Send password reset to Sub-Account email (see Setting Up a Sub-Account in the Trail Phase).