DELETE a Sub-Account

Mark the specified account as deleted and generate any necessary final invoices for the account. Deleted accounts can be purged from Wasabi’s systems at any time to clean up storage space and it should be assumed that deleted accounts will not be recoverable in any fashion.

DELETE /v1/accounts/<AcctNum>



As it is not possible to undelete an account at this point in time, so use this method with caution.



You can use a list of API calls against a deleted account.


Request: DEL /v1/accounts/132
  Authorization: 3a6e2967305e6475fcb895b1842b59de 
  X-Wasabi-Service: partner
Response: 200 OK
  Content-Length: 12
  Content-Type: application/json 
  Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2018 19:49:49 GMT
    "Msg": "OK"