Wasabi typically sends Wasabi branded emails during the lifetime of an account, such as:

  • A warning email when an account is nearing trial storage quota limit
  • An email when a trial storage quota limit is surpassed and the account can no longer upload new objects
  • Warning emails when an account is reaching the end of a trial period
  • Notifications when account trials have expired (and at various points during the “offboarding” process until the account is deleted)

All emails are Wasabi branded and there is no option to co-brand or white label emails for API developers at this time. Therefore, as a user of the Wasabi Account Control API, you (Control Account holder) will receive notification emails on behalf of any sub-accounts. The body of the email will sufficiently indicate which subaccount on which the email notification is occurring.

Since Wasabi does not send notification emails to end users, Wasabi Control Account holders will be
required to adequately notify end users of the above conditions. There is enough information in the Wasabi Account Control API to determine when the above thresholds are reached to properly communicate via your own UI or email notification system