With the WACM AG feature, RCS storage is assessed in a way similar to the way a control account would calculate RCS storage.

On the first of the month after 3:00 pm EST:

  1. Click the Sub-Accounts tab.
  1. Click a sub-account for which you want to calculate RCS storage.

  2. Select the appropriate date range with today's date as the end date.



This does not have to be done on the first of the month. The end date just needs to reflect the first of the month for the desired invoice period.

  1. Click the Export button to export the data for this sub-account.
  1. Repeat Steps 2 through 4 for each sub-account.

  2. Simply add up Active and Deleted storage for these accounts.

The total of the Active and Deleted storage is equal to the RCS storage for these accounts. Compare this to your RCS storage values allocated to each of these accounts.