The Wasabi Account Control API is a set of RESTful JSON methods that are a companion set of endpoints to the AWS IAM/S3 compatible endpoints. The Wasabi Account Control API is not part of Wasabi AWS API compliance and will not be compatible with any API provided by AWS which may have similar functionality.

At a high level, the Wasabi Account Control API allows for the following functions:

  • Create a new “sub-account” that is linked to the Wasabi Control Account
  • Generate AWS key sets for sub-accounts
  • Manage sub-account trial parameters, such as extending the sub-account trial period and change subaccount trial quotas
  • Convert a sub-account trial period into a full (paying) account
  • Query utilization of sub-accounts both at the summary account level and bucket level
  • Query invoices of sub-accounts
  • Delete sub-accounts
  • Manage account “profile” information, such as email address

The Wasabi Control Account holder will be responsible for all actions that are taken via the Wasabi Account Control API, including corresponding service charges as well as security measures. Wasabi reserves the right to block and/or terminate a developer’s use of the API.