PUT Accounts

Create a new sub-account that is linked to the Control Account (as authenticated via the API Key). Additionally, a new root user for the account will be created.

PUT /v1/accounts

The AcctName parameter must be an email address for the root user and must be unique as well as not currently in use.

IsTrial, if set to "true," will indicate the sub-account should be created as a trial account.

Password specifies the password for the new root user for the account and must pass the password complexity rules.

NumTrialDays specifies the number of days for which the trial should be valid before automatically being converted to a paying account. If NumTrialDays is omitted, the default that is established for the Control Account will be used.

QuotaGB will specify the quota (in GB) to which the new sub-account will be limited during the trial phase and, if omitted, will be the default associated with the Control Account.

PasswordResetRequired will mark a newly provisioned sub-account password as temporary. The user will be prompted to change the password during the first login.

EnableFTP will enable FTP/FTPS access to a sub-account.

Inactive will set the sub-account as inactive. If Inactive is set to “false,” the sub-account will be updated as active.

SendPasswordResetToSubAccountEmail, if set to “true,” will send an email of password reset, password changed, password expiring, or password has expired to the sub-account. Otherwise, the Control Account receives the email.



  • After setting the above parameter to “true,” the sub-account must use the “Forgot password” link on the Console to get the reset password email.

  • The trial parameters are subject to limits that are associated with the Control Account and those limits can- not be changed by users of the Wasabi Account Control API.

  • Quotas are removed when an account is converted into a full (paying) account. There is no support for a paid account with a storage quota.

    The result will include a generated AWS S3/IAM compatible key set that can be used for subsequent AWS compatible calls into Wasabi.


Request: PUT /v1/accounts
  Authorization: ca06b849e1bdc1c493393c2c8d21792c 
  Content-Type: application/json
  X-Wasabi-Service: partner 
    "AcctName": "[email protected]", 
    "IsTrial": true,
    "Password": "mypassword123$" 
    "EnableFTP": true
Response: 200 OK
  Content-Length: 229
  Content-Type: application/json 
  Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2018 15:36:12 GMT

    "AcctName": "[email protected]", 
    "AcctNum": 124,
    "AccessKey": "Z1JI27OQ75B00OLDLYMP",
    "SecretKey": "z69QahHLjvrSnuHKJOqVufzazv1VcVJpAITvJWjN", 
    "IsTrial": true,
    "TrialExpiry": "2018-03-09T00:00:00Z", 
    "QuotaGB": 1024
    "FTPEnabled": true 
    "Inactive": False