Setup, Limits, and Policies

In order to use the Wasabi Account Control API, you must contact a representative from Wasabi to request access to the Wasabi Account Control API program. To be eligible for access to the API, you must:

  • Have an established Wasabi account (hereafter referred to as a Control Account) that is tied to a payment method (that is, no longer in a trial period), such as a credit card or manual invoicing (if approved by your Wasabi Sales Representative)

  • Meet any requirements as established by your Wasabi Sales Representative

It is important to note that while using the Wasabi Account Control API, you may not delete the Control
Account. Transferring sub-accounts between different Control Accounts will not be supported. Your Wasabi Sales Representative will work with you to determine what limits will be applied to your Wasabi Account Control API participation, in particular:

  • Maximum number of sub-accounts you will be allowed to create
  • The default and maximum length of sub-account trial period
  • The default and maximum trial period storage quota (in GB)