Sub-Account Billing

All sub-accounts will be considered within the same billing scope of the Control Account, namely:

  • Sub-accounts will be invoiced on the same periodicity as the Control Account.

  • Sub-accounts, once out of trial, will be subject to the same minimums applied to all Wasabi accounts (for example, a 1 TB minimum storage charge).

  • Sub-account invoices will be “rolled-up” into a single control invoice that is charged to the Control Account.

  • Sub-accounts will follow any restrictions that are incurred by the billing status of the control account invoice. For example, object uploads will be disallowed once the control account invoice remains unpaid past a grace period.

  • Trial sub-accounts will be automatically converted to paying accounts at the end of the sub-account trial period. It is possible (via this API) to extend a sub-account trial period, but there will be a maximum allowed trial duration that will be set by a Wasabi Sales Representative.

  • At this point in time, once a trial sub-account converts to a paying account, it is not possible to put the sub-account back into trial. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the user of the Wasabi Account Control API to either:

    • Delete an unwanted trial sub-account before the trial period ends, or
    • Extend out the trial period for the sub-account before the auto-conversion happens.