All sub-accounts are accessed through the Sub-Accounts page. Click the Sub-Accounts tab:


The Sub-Accounts page is displayed. For example:


The following information is provided for each sub-account:

  • Name
    Name of the sub-account. This is based on the name you assign when filling out the Create Sub-Account field.

  • Account Email
    Email of the sub-account.

  • Active Storage
    Storage made up of the objects you are currently storing.

  • Deleted Storage
    Storage made up of the objects you have deleted.

  • Creation Date
    Date that the sub-account was created.

  • Trial Quota
    Storage quota of the trial, which is displayed if the account is On Trial.

  • Trial Expiration
    Date and time that the trial expires, which is displayed if the account in On Trial.

  • Status
    Indication of the sub-account status as On Trial, Paid, or Suspended. If the account is On Trial, you will see a colored countdown. If the account is Paid, this column will be green. If the account is Suspended, this column will be gray.

Importing Sub-Accounts into WACM

WACM automatically synchronizes accounts. Sub-accounts and all associated data created via the Wasabi Account Control API will be synchronized each night into the platform.

Filtering and Searching Sub-Accounts

Filtering enables Control Account users to more precisely search for sub-accounts by Status (On Trial, Paid Account, or Suspended).

  1. In the Search box on the Sub-Accounts page, enter text that you want to search. The search takes place as you type.

  2. To further filter your search, on the Filter By drop-down, select Status. Then, select On Trial, Paid Account, or Suspended. You can select one or a combination of filters.

In this example, sub-accounts that include the text "123" and have a status of On Trial and/or Paid Account are listed.