A user with the role of Governance Plus Admin or Governance Plus Staff for a control account can create sub-accounts on behalf of MSPs, VARs, or any other WACM users.

To create a sub-account:

  1. Click the Sub-Accounts tab.
  1. Click Create Sub-Account.

  2. Complete the top portion of the Create Sub-Account panel. Select a Control Account from the drop-down menu. Then, enter customer name, email, Wasabi console password, and confirmed Wasabi console password.

  1. If the sub-account is a trial, select the On Trial option. Then, select a trial Quota and the trial duration (**Number of Trial Days).



When the trial duration expires, the trial account is automatically converted into a paid account.

  1. Optionally, set the following:

    • Send Password Reset To Sub Account Email
      Wasabi will send a password reset email to the sub-account.

    • Password Reset Required
      WACM will require the sub-account to perform a password reset upon the first login.

    • Enable FTP Access
      Wasabi will enable FTP access to the sub-account.

  2. Once the sub-account is created, a panel confirms the creation with S3 access and secret keys. To download the keys as a text file, click Download Keys. Or, click Copy Keys to the copy keys to the clipboard.


The newly created sub-account will be listed on the Sub-Accounts page. For example: