Terms and Definitions

Account Email
Email of the sub-account.

Indication that the sub-account is active and either On Trial or being billed as a Paid account.

Active Objects
Number of objects classified as Active Storage in the given period.

Active Storage
Storage made up of the objects you are currently storing.

API Calls
Number of API calls made to Wasabi.

Control Account
The partner account that oversees sub-account activity and contains user accounts.

Control Invoice
The rolled-up invoice that represents the amount of storage consumed by all non-Trial sub-accounts.

Creation Date
Date that the sub-account was created.

Deleted Objects
Number of objects classified as Deleted Storage in the given period.

Deleted Storage
Storage made up of the objects you have deleted.

Egress (GB)
Data egressed from Wasabi in GB.

Name of the sub-account. This is based on the name you assign when filling out the Create Sub-Account field.

Indication of the sub-account status as On Trial, Paid, or Suspended. If the account is On Trial, you will see a colored countdown. If the account is Paid, this column will be green. If the account is Suspended, this column will be gray.

The individually provisioned Wasabi storage account. This account has access to the Wasabi Console but does not have access to WACM.

A sub-account that no longer accrues charges. The data is frozen but made available again if the sub-account is unsuspended. Suspension is a manual action taken on the Account Information page.

Trial Expiration
Date and time that the trial expires, which is displayed if the account in On Trial.

Trial Quota
Storage quota of the trial, which is displayed if the account is On Trial.

User Profiles
Three types of user accounts for employees of the partner to oversee their sub-accounts: Control Account Admin, Control Account Staff, and Control Account Viewer. These are all provisioned at the Control Account level and each has different permissions on WACM.